Company Profile - TPC Plus Berhad
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Company Profile

        Our main goal is to produce and to provide a range of high quality table eggs to all consumers; the health state of the birds will ultimately determine the quality of the table eggs produced. At TPC we ensure that every bird in the poultry exhibits only the highest levels of health and vitality, the feeds used at TPC are natural based, purposely structured this way to avoid any underlying chemicals which might have been used to enhance artificially produced feeds. The feeds used consist of a variety of raw materials ranging from soya bean meals, corn, palm oil, flaxseed, and other food items that will promote the inclusion of omega 3 in the feeds.

      At TPC we strive to feed our birds with a regulated recipe that has been professionally designed to create the enablement for the birds to produce table eggs that are very low in cholesterol. A high level of quality assurance is promised to every client at TPC, Upon specific request, we also introduced a product known as WASACO (“washed-sanitized-coated”) eggs. The eggs is being washed, sanitized and coating of shell eggs with food grade wax aid to reduce the bacterial load on the eggshells. This procedure can help to prevent food contamination and extend shelf life.

      The best methods of grading and packing eggs are employed at TPC, with a view of presenting good looking eggs to our customer. At TPC we have a structure that has made a standby veterinary doctor and Quality Assurance Specialist to be always present during the period of operation, monitoring all the activities of the employees to ensure only the acceptable standards of hygiene is employed in every farm operation.

     Our marketing team is poised to ensure that our good quality table eggs are effectively distributed to every part of the west Malaysian region. The TPC table eggs can be found in every major retail shop that sell poultry products.